About Mystery Boxd

Mystery Boxd is an online retailer specialising in unique mystery boxes across many sectors offering customers a chance to shop mystery items at a fraction of the retail price. We are a non-manufacturing retailer working with big and small brands to help prevent stock from going into landfill or being destroyed.

We are focused on the development of our platform & products so that we can offer a fun, engaging and sustainable shopping experience to our customers. 


We purchase discounted stock from a variety of suppliers. Helping to clear out or recycle any out-of-season or overstocked items in various different sectors. We never manufacture our own products and are 100% committed to not adding to the problem. 

Next, we process the products while quality checking & pre-packing boxes at a fixed cost under clear guidelines for each box launch into sustainable packaging. 

Finally, we send your Mystery BOXD to your door and you love and enjoy the unique shopping experience and shop in a sustainable way. 


Matty Donaldson, the founder is very passionate about sustainability and providing a new, fun and engaging shopping experience. So much so, that Joe Foster (Founder of Reebok) partnered with Matty as a non-executive director. 

Joe said - "Since meeting Matty just over a year ago and seeing his operation in North West England I have been impressed with his energy, enthusiasm and determination to create a sustainable impact-driven business. Seeing a need for a solution and creating a concept to provide that solution to business shows a creative and entrepreneurial talent that is excellent to see in such a young man"